Wednesday, October 20, 2010

We're Official

Oh my goodness when was the last time I updated this blog?  No one scroll down to look I will be too embarrassed.  I will try to do better starting today.  We are officially homeschooling in KY now.  I went down and turned in the paperwork to the school office today.  FYI, the Fayette Co. district office is gorgeous!!!  It is so tastefully decorated and has the privilege of being in a beautiful old building downtown that I imagine was a high school many moons ago.  It has the kind of effect that you start to whisper and walk lightly as soon as you enter.  Kentucky tax dollars hard at work.  In their defense, it could have just been the first floor that was decorated nice to impress visitors.  Besides it's hard for these old buildings in Lexington to not look beautiful.  I'm not even much into architecture but we will definitely be planning a field trip to look at some of the amazing buildings around this place. So now that we are official I plan to get back to updating on a daily basis. I will see you tomorrow.

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