Saturday, October 23, 2010

Scary Ghost Project

We are a little behind on our required amount of school days now that we are in KY.  We have started having school on Fridays.  As you can imagine, this went over like a lead balloon.  So I changed things around a little and we save all our science experiments, arts and crafts, field trips and extra long PE time for Friday.  Now I hear, "I can't wait until school on Friday." to my ears.  This Friday we made some flour and salt ghosts to decorate for Halloween.  It's a fun, non scary project that any age child can do.  It's just one cup flour, one cup salt, and one half cup water mixed together.  Shape into ghosts and microwave for 30 second intervals until you reach about 1:30.  Then draw on them with a sharpie.  That's it!  Below are some pics of the girls making the ghosts and the final product.  Grace, who's drummer beat is so different I'm not sure it's even in the percussion section, decided to make a sandbox for the ghosts to play in.  That will explain the large white circle in the middle.

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