Thursday, August 18, 2011

Oh Good Grief, I Don't Know!!!

I've lived in this country my whole life and these are just SOME of the questions I had to look up because I didn't know the answers.  I can barely survive Kendall's lighting round of questions.

1.  How did the Liberty Bell get a crack?
2.  Why did they call them colonies and not states?
3.  Where did Washington get his animal/human teeth replacements?  (No, they were not made of wood).
4.  Are we going to start using two dollar bills again?
5.  Why is it called America and United States?
6.  How did they make Mt. Rushmore?

That is just a sampling.  Then of course, the questions that don't really have an answer because we don't understand them ourselves.

1.  Why are all our presidents men?
2.  Why did people have slaves?
3.  Why were there so many wars?


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