Thursday, November 4, 2010

Darn You Internet!

We are working on reading a thermometer in math.  For an introduction I asked Kendall how we tell what the exact temperature is outside.
She says, "Hmm....the computer?"
"Well yes," I said, "but what if we didn't have a computer?"
She barely took a breath before saying, "Channel 13 news?"
So I said, "Okay we have no computer and no TV.  Now how do we find the exact temperature?"
"Mom, if the computer and TV are down, just check the temperature on your Ipod."

Sigh....we are certainly an electronic dependant society (yes, I have the nerve to complain about our electronic dependencies as I type on my blog.)  Finally I brought out the thermometer and she knew what it was.  Now to see if she can read it!

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